5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Now

 “Quickest tell you’re in trouble...saying - this is how we’ve always done it! -” (quote by Gary Vaynerchuck). With that being said we’ll provide you with five digital marketing trends to watch in 2018.


1.Media Company

No matter what business you are in, no matter if you are a 200 people company or a one man show - start thinking about yourself and your business as a media company! Your customer or follower wants to have a conversation with you, wants to be part of your journey, your product and your brand. Launch a media platform that is focused on providing helpful, authentic content to your end customers. This could mean a podcast, a well-written and thought-out blog, postings on several social media platforms or even a livestream video that you film on a weekly basis. Invest in your content because the business that produces the best content will come out on top.


2. Temporary Content

FOMO - the fear of missing out - a feeling that everyone knows. As people start to follow your brand they get more and more excited about new content, releases or new products. Make sure to use the opportunities that are given through Instagram and Facebook stories or Snapchat. Temporary content will persuade your customers to return to your social media accounts on a daily basis to check the latest news about their favourite brand.


3. Chatbots

Chatbots are used for engagement, customer service issues, general questions and even closing business. By now it's very tough to tell if you're talking to an actual person or a bot if you set up your chatbot correctly. Launch a website, Facebook or WhatsApp chatbot to engage with your customers. Find something fun or engaging to start the conversation, as the consumer needs to initiate the chat. With chabots open rates exceed 80% or higher with an engaged audience. So, if you send 1,000 messages via your chatbot tool, chances are high that at least 800 people will see your message. Those rates are far superior to email open rates, making this a unique channel not to ignore.


4. Story Telling vs Call To Action

Telling your story versus telling people what to do is critical. Of course your company is always seeking to increase sales but do sales go over engagement? While creating your content for your website, your shop, your social media accounts or newsletters always keep in mind that one of the main goals for content should be to help and to communicate. Stop focusing all of your attention on the call to action and make sure you're delivering value first, telling your story and portraying your business in the best possible light.


5. Video

In the past times we’ve seen a rise in Facebook Live videos, web TV and video content in general. In many surveys out there, consumers say they much prefer video over text. Video helps tell more compelling stories, gets your point across faster and can improve sales. Video on a landing page or sales page, for example, can help increase conversions by as much as 80%, according to unbounce . Expanding your video experience by AR and VR features increases the interactivity. Get into the habit of producing quality video content for your followers and customers.

It’s easy to read about it, but much harder to execute it!